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Elegant Abstract Background
We created a token purely to bring attention to Algorand and Algo Defi, no money was raised from it, just a "lot of attention"

What makes our Token Unique?

Unique Launch

REA Token launched without offering airdrops or private wallet holdings. All wallets holding the tokens have purchased them, which is a great achievement. Due to Only launching with Lifetime-locked liquidity making it 100% decentralized from day one!

Weekly Community Burns

The REA community consistently purchases and burns the token supply, and has an organized group burn every week on X, this inspires many project supporters to join in. Decreasing supply and increasing demand weekly

Use Case

The primary use of REA is to generate attention, acting as a catalyst for further interest. The strategy of acquiring and burning tokens aims to enhance value, enticing a broader range of investors to engage with the platform and its listed offerings.


As a result of consistent token purchases and burns, the REA token becomes more accessible for participation. The continuous influx of tokens purchased far exceeds those being sold, leading to a more stable price increase trajectory with fewer retractions.

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  • Total supply 1,000,000

  • 100% Circulating

  • 100% Locked liquidity until year 7777

  • 500k Tokens locked with TLP

  • 100k tokens locked with Algorand

  • 100k tokens locked with A200

  • 100k tokens locked with MFS

  • 100k tokens locked with COOP

  • 100k tokens locked with PURR

The locked pools above were locked on launch, the amount in each will fluctuate as people buy and sell.


We now have over 9 Project communities supporting and building REA since launch, view them here.

Note, the total supply decreases as we burn!

See all the burn posts here:

  • Launched 17/04/2024 ( Only 1 million total supply )
  • 10% Burned as of 11/05/2024 ( Only 900k total supply )
🔥 Help us Burn as many tokens as possible by donating them to this BURN WALLET 🔥

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