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Top DefiBuilt On Algorand

Below are some of the most supporting tokens built on Algorand, You are going to want to add them to your portfolios when you begin to build here!

Coop Coin


Creator :  Coop Daniels

Total Supply: 20 Million


Coop Coin stands as a distinguished token originating from the robust Algorand network. Initially conceived as a lighthearted venture, the token's entire supply was generously airdropped across the network.


Unexpectedly, Coop Coin has surpassed mere amusement to emerge as a prominent and thriving community token within the Algorand ecosystem.


Bolstered by a sizable and devoted support base, it has served as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous projects, fostering collaboration and unity among diverse communities on the Algorand network.



Creator : Evis Zenios

Total Supply: 190 Million

A200 is a purpose-driven token devoid of any intrinsic utility, conceived by a prominent figure in the Algorand ecosystem known as Evis Zenios. Revered for his astute investment acumen within the realm of cryptocurrencies, Evis Zenios has been recognized for his early endorsements of diverse tokens such as Pepe and Bobo.


This unique token, A200, serves as a testament to the immense potential harbored within the Algorand network. Evis envisions Algorand achieving a noteworthy price milestone of $200 in the future.


To reaffirm his commitment to this vision, Evis has initiated a process of systematically burning A200 tokens in substantial quantities as Algorand reaches significant milestones. This burning mechanism commences with every 10-cent increase in Algorand's value, gradually escalating with each subsequent dollar increment, and so forth.



Creator : Daniel Todd

Total Supply: 50 Million

The MFS token was crafted with the explicit purpose of shining a light on a promising startup, Midwest Fund Stuff. Renowned as the foremost provider of entertainment services, they specialize in delivering a diverse selection of rental equipment that effortlessly elevates ordinary gatherings into extraordinary events.

The esteemed Small Town Entertainment Hub! Tucked away in the idyllic setting of an American small town, our establishment stands as a beacon of joy and camaraderie.

More than just a business endeavor, they endeavor to be your trusted allies in curating unforgettable experiences and cherished memories that will echo through time.

From the invigorating thrill of kayaking to the simple delight of bouncing in inflatable houses, their offerings are tailored to suit a wide range of interests and age. groups.



Creator : Midnight Luis

Total Supply: 100,000

The OG Squad, a collective deeply immersed in the realm of web3 technology, is dedicated to learning, innovating, and fostering positive energy within the domain, with a primary focus on the Algorand Blockchain.


The inception of the SQUAD token stemmed from a collective impetus to create a community meme token, reflecting the group's ethos and aspirations.

The genesis of the SQUAD token can be traced back to the group's exploration of the crypto sphere, starting with Bitcoin and eventually culminating in the discovery and admiration of the Algorand Blockchain.


Renowned for its speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability, Algorand's underlying technology captivated the members of OG Squad, spurring a deep appreciation for its capabilities.



Creator : Scott Draves

Total Supply: 100,000

Algocard (Card) is a pioneering token intricately integrated with the Algorand network. It serves as an experimental and educational platform that delves into the complexities of liquidity pools, a cornerstone of the financial realm.

By exploring these mechanisms, users gain insights into market dynamics and observe how arbitrage bots adapt to changing conditions.

This innovative tool not only educates about diverse assets but also emphasizes the importance of creating a well-rounded portfolio within a single token, akin to a mutual fund. Positioned as a stepping stone for generating online income, Card symbolizes adaptability in the digital age. The creator, a single father, envisions Card as a conduit for passing financial knowledge to future generations.

We welcome all enthusiasts to be part of this educational journey that fosters essential skills in today's tech-driven world. Join us in exploring and learning together.



Creator : Scott Gerrard

Total Supply: 799 Million

The Legend Projects (TLP) introduces a token designed on the Algorand blockchain to optimize swift transaction speeds and minimize fees. It offers a streamlined approach to wealth transfer, positioning itself to become a preferred payment solution across various online platforms.


Originally developed to assist The Learn with Legends platform in establishing efficient and secure payment and withdrawal methods, the TLP team aims to increase token circulation over the next five years.


Additionally, they are working on forging strategic partnerships for liquidity with other tokens on the Algorand blockchain, with the ultimate vision of becoming a prominent player akin to Bitcoin on the Algorand network.


A clear coin that says _coming soon_.jpg

Creator : Info coming soon

Total Supply: 21 Million

The Block Cycle



Creator : Info coming soon

Total Supply: 100 Million


Coming soon

A clear coin that says _coming soon_.jpg

Creator : Coming soon

Total Supply: Coming soon

Site: Coming soon


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