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REA Token

Building On Algorand 

Projects With Potential Built On Algorand

Supported By Over 8 Projects / Community's

Price Total Increase over 12,000%

Listed On Over 2 Exchanges

Over 210 Token Holders

Someone with a microphone yelling New Token, and holing a giant coin.jpg

Exposure Boost

New To Algorand? Get listed on this site for a one-time fee of 100Algo

We will also give exposure to your project with a detailed explanation of your project on our Twitter

By taking advantage of this, you are guaranteed to get a minimum of 5 reposts and over 200 views.

Our Twitter supporters are Algorand DeFi Supporters, Buyers, and creators

We use 50% of this fee to buy and burn REA, the other 50% goes into listing REA on more sites

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